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Automatic Zoom via Programable Interface


I am working on a research application that requires me to have precise control of the zoom using a computer program. What that means is that I would need to:

  1. Have knowdlege of the zoom I am currently at
  2. Ability to reach a specific zoom level repeatedly
  3. Have an interface with my Canon camcorders (G30, G40, G50, XF205, XF305, XA45) that gives me the status (Zoom level, Recording status, battery etc)

I am currently expirimenting with a serial LANC controller, but to my knowledge LANC does not offer any zoom feedback. I am also aware of mechanical servo zoom controllers but would like to stay away from those if possible. 


Is there anyway to interface (other than LANC) in such a way that I have real time knowledge of the zoom level (non-visual) and the ability to control zoom to specific levels?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi franciscoQM,


What you're asking goes beyond the support that we can provide, but you might be interested in our Software Developers Kit.


You can visit the link below to register for an account and locate the SDK for products of interest:


Note that we aren't able to provide any support on using the SDK. It is provided as is, but we do have some resources on the site that might help you get started.

If I cannot get zoom telemetry is it possible to control zoom via an SDK?


Correct me if I am wrong but the SDK is only available for EOS DSLR and not video cameras?