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Canon VIXIA HF M31 turning off during recording


I have a Canon VIXIA HF 31 I have not used in months that seems to go into sleep mode when recording. It worked fine in the spring but not know. Battery was dead but fully charged now. 


During recording the LCD display showed what looked like a screen saver. Tapping the screen brought the scene being recorded back into view. Noticed when transfering recording to computer there were four segments, each about 16 min in length.


Question - Could that be caused by a faulty setting?


Changes to settings made:

Access slider selector was on M -- Changed back to video/camera setting.

Camcorder was in power saving mode -- Turned off all power saving modes.

Will test camcorder today.


Looking for what else might cause the problem should changes made not fix the problem.    


OK, After the setting were changed the camera no longer shows a screen saver. The camera still seems to only records in 16 min segments but maybe that is a problem with playback setting in VLC on this laptop. Anyone else have this problem? Will update.