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Camcorders with USB video streaming / webcam?


Is there a standard name for video streaming over USB, as with a webcam, to look for with camcorders?


I am trying to do low-cost school sports video streaming to Facebook.


We need a basic camcorder with the ability to have a wide-angle lens and power cable attached, streaming over USB to a laptop running Wirecast or Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS), streaming to FaceBook live videos.


We don't want to be spending over US$1000 on a pro-grade camcorder.


It is possible to get an HDMI to USB capture dongle for a laptop, but I would prefer to have one less gizmo hanging off the laptop to troubleshoot.




The standard is USB Video Class, or UVC.  I don't know of any camcorders with integrated UVC output.


You will need a capture card.  You can use the capture card with your one camera, or on the HDMI output of a video switcher as your school sports broadcasting program grows. Smiley Happy


If you are on a budget, I suggest a reconditioned Vixia HFR 800 from Cannon (or a used one from wherever.)  It has a clean HDMI output for input to your capture card.  You can find inexpensive wide angle lenses that thread on the camera.