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YouTube Live with VIXIA HF R800 HDMI Output


Our church uses the Vixia HF R800 to record our services and post them online. We are now wanting to live stream our services on YOUTUBE Live. I have connected the HD cable that came with the camera to the HD output on the camera and I have then connected the other end of the cable to a Vivitar HDMI to USB video capture card that I have attached to my laptop but I cannot get the laptop to recognize that the camera is connected. I am using OBS Studio to attempt the YOUTUBE livestream but I cannot get OBS Studio to recognize that I have the camera attached to the computer either. Is there something I can do to use our Vixia HF R800 for YOUTUBE live streaming. I have seen other churches use camcorders to do this. 



Hello Cal1 - Try the Blackmagic Ultra Studio Mini Recorder to connect you Vixia to your computer. Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate apps, you can then set up the Vixia to OBS so that your computer can recognize it. I’ve done it for several years and just recently live streamed our band to YouTube and Facebook simultaneously. 


Have you tried with a regular TV?

I have not tried connecting the camera to a television. I have only tried connecting it to my computer through the Vivitar HDMI to USB video capture card.


It seems like you're encountering a common issue when trying to live stream with your Vixia HF R800 on YouTube. To resolve this, make sure your camera is set to the correct HDMI output mode, usually found in the camera's settings. Additionally, double-check your HDMI cable for any issues and try a different USB port on your laptop. In OBS Studio, ensure you've selected the correct video capture source. If the problem persists, consider downloading or visiting YouTube Vanced for Android TV Box, a reliable streaming solution that could help streamline your church's live broadcasts.