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XA15 HDMI And SDI output issue

New Contributor

I have a complicated setup... i need to output from the XA15 SDI output and the HDMI output at the same time.


I can do this, but only when I step down the XA15 output to 720p. At 1080i output, my computer (which receives the hdmi output) won't see the 1080i output. That would be fine, except I really need to be sending a 1080i signal to the sdi output.


So... what i think i need is an hdmi to usb adaptor that will convert the signal to something my computer can read. Does anyone have any experience with this? 


Two questions:

Is it that my computer can't accept a 1080i signal (i've tried to do this on a mac and a pc and it can't be seen at 1080i).

Is it my capture card? I'm currently using an IOGEAR HDMI to USB C Video Capture Card. Is there a caputre card that will  make the conversion. 


Many thanks,



New Contributor
Helpful folks at b&h tell me I need a “deinterlacing” capture card. Ordered one and will report back how it works. About $300. More expensive than the regular ones but worth it if it works.

New Contributor
This works with the deinterlacing capture card which converts the 1080i output to something the computer can see. I used a magewell gen2