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XA15 HDMI And SDI output issue


I have a complicated setup... i need to output from the XA15 SDI output and the HDMI output at the same time.


I can do this, but only when I step down the XA15 output to 720p. At 1080i output, my computer (which receives the hdmi output) won't see the 1080i output. That would be fine, except I really need to be sending a 1080i signal to the sdi output.


So... what i think i need is an hdmi to usb adaptor that will convert the signal to something my computer can read. Does anyone have any experience with this? 


Two questions:

Is it that my computer can't accept a 1080i signal (i've tried to do this on a mac and a pc and it can't be seen at 1080i).

Is it my capture card? I'm currently using an IOGEAR HDMI to USB C Video Capture Card. Is there a caputre card that will  make the conversion. 


Many thanks,



Helpful folks at b&h tell me I need a “deinterlacing” capture card. Ordered one and will report back how it works. About $300. More expensive than the regular ones but worth it if it works.

This works with the deinterlacing capture card which converts the 1080i output to something the computer can see. I used a magewell gen2