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Streaming with an XA65


Hello. I have an XA65 camcorder. What do I need to connect it to a Macbook Air for streaming to YouTube? I have an HDMI-to-USB converter (elgato Cam Link 4K) that I have used with a Canon EOS R50 and the Macbook recognized the EOS R50 as a Webcam but it does not work with the XA65. What do I need to get the Macbook to recognize the XA65 as a webcam?

Thank you!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings pwalsh19,

A nice feature of the Canon XA65 camcorder is that it does have a webcam function built into the camcorder where the computer can detect the camera as a webcam. It doesn't require any additional accessories aside from a USB cable from the camcorder to the computer.

We would first need to enable this function through the camera's menu prior to connecting the camcorder to your computer. Please refer to page 84 of the user guide for steps on how to enable the UVC feature.

Thank you, NatalyaP.

I have made this connection and the video output works fine. I was expecting to be able to combine video with audio in the camera, however, and send a combined video and audio signal to a laptop computer via HDMI. Is that possible?

Thank you again.

Greetings pwalsh19,

The UVC function of the camera only allows for a video signal to be sent through the cable. We recommend on using a microphone that's attached to your computer to transmit audio.

Thank you, JackyRenner.

I am able to use the video signal from the XA65, but Canon tells me that the audio must come from a separate source.

Best wishes.

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