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Great Blue Heron looks  rather soft to me. Your thoughts.Shot with Canon 70D, EF-S 55-250mm @250MM, f 5.6. TV mode 1/1250, ISO 800
I want to buy a 1.4 or 2.0 extender for my 70D but I was told my camera would not autococus using the extenders and I would have to manually focus. Is this correct? 
Good afternoon,Just out of curiosity, do you have uv filters as protective devices on all your lenses? 
Recently an "alleged professional photographer" told me that if I was using a lens that had an aperature or f5.6 that I could not set the aperature to anything but 5.6. I think this may be not true based on some photos I took with my 70D and a 400mm ...
Just recently the autofocus on my 70D does not alert me with the green light in the viewfinder or the beep. The problem exists in the creative modes only in basic modes it works.  I cleared all settings and functions and it still does not function.An...
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