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VIXIA HF G70 Card Reader Recommendations


I just bought a Vixia HF G70 and would like to transfer the videos I took from the card reader to my PC computer. I realize that I need a car reader:

1. What is the best card reader to purchase or a 256 GB card?

2. Can you please give me a procedure to transfer the video files to the cardreader?

3. How to ransfer the cardreader files fto my computer? what cables would I need?

4. Will the files be transfered as mp4 files directly?

5. What are the apps that I could use/need to easily edit these files?

Thanks for your precious help.


Nabil G Seidah






For a card reader, stick with a reputable brand.  One such brand is SanDisk.  You would need though to check what kind of USB port you have on your computer and ensure that the card reader could connect to that.   The card reader would thus come with the cable.

The card reader, when connected to your computer and having a card inserted in to it, should show an icon on your desktop.   It will act like a removable hard drive so you can then just copy files from it.

I don't own a Vixia G70 but used to own a G50 and older models in that line.

What I typically did was to copy the entire contents of the card to my computer.   The video clips will be amongst them.  Though when I look through what I imported from the G50, I just see a collection of .mp4 files.  I'm thinking I had navigated to the particular folder on the card containing those clips and just copied them.   Either method is OK, but I would recommend copying the entire card.

In terms of applications to work with the footage, others will need to provide what to use on a PC.  I use a Mac with Final Cut Pro.


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