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R5 C not working with Ninja V


I recently purchased the R5c and cannot get the ninja v controls to work the way it did with my r6. When I try and record raw it says there is no input. When I record on the ninja it records the screen on the R5c and shows all the screen settings on my footage. Does anyone know how to set up the R5c with the ninja v?



You need to know that HDMI RAW is not the same thing as regular HDMI.  HDMI video is a standard, and there is no reason I can see why the Ninja wouldn't record that off the R5C.  But HDMI RAW means using the HDMI port as a data link to send computer data in some made-up format.  This only works if both devices support the same HDMI RAW format.  I can't find anything on the Ninja V's page which mentions the R5C's HDMI RAW format, so I don't know why you think this would work.  OTOH, if you want to try it, make sure that the camera's "main rec format" is set to HDMI RAW, and the Ninja V is set to record it.

As for the R6, as far as I can see from the web site, it doesn't have RAW at all... so whatever you were doing there wasn't HDMI RAW.

(The Ninja can record in RAW -- IOW take whatever input it gets and convert it to ProRes RAW -- but that's completely separate.)

As for "shows all the screen settings on my footage" -- read the manual, particularly around page 149, "Superimposing Onscreen Displays on Video Outputs".  Basically turn "OSD Output: HDMI" off.  You may also have to set other assist features, like peaking, to be off on the HDMI.