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Speedlite EL-5 Availability


Speedlite EL-5, Marketing started NOVEMBER 2022 ...
It's, Now, almost APRIL 2023 ...
Is anyone else disappointed that the EL-5 isn't available, as of yet?
I have the R6 Mark II and do not want to WASTE Money on another Speedlite, while Waiting for the EL-5.
Management and Production, get it together ...



Sounds like you're really cross about this!

I'm in almost the identical situation as you - R6 mk II, EL-5 on order. But I bought a 430EXIIIRT to use in the meantime, and an ST-E10. The 430 will come in useful as a second flash head once the EL-5 arrives. The 430 is a great little unit, surprisingly good value too.

R6mkII, various lenses, speedlites. Also legacy Canons going back to T90 and even A1.

I am  ... 
I'm just now taking Photography to the next level, watching my dollars closely, using Canon products, and Now this ... I am NOT trying to purchase a temporary Speedlite, while waiting on a PROMISED, PRE-PAID Speedlite 

I was considering doing exactly this, but I have read bad reviews of the ST-E10.  How has it been working for you?


I haven't used my ST-E10 a lot yet, but it has behaved faultlessly so far. I really like it. Previously I used an ST-E2 and I like that the ST-E10 doesn't require a battery, being powered from the camera, and also that it is controlled from the camera's screen so its user interface can be informative and intuitive. And of course it uses RF communication rather than IR so is not dependent on line-of-sight even in an outdoor setting. I found the supposedly line-of-sight IR transmitter worked fairly well out of the line of sight in an indoor environment so long as there were reasonably close light coloured walls and/or ceiling for the signal to bounce off. Now I don't have to worry about such things.

If there is a problem with the RF link dropping out, I haven't experienced it, and I don't think the ST-E10 would suffer from it any worse than, say, two EL-5 or EL-1 flashes.

I hope this helps!

R6mkII, various lenses, speedlites. Also legacy Canons going back to T90 and even A1.

Thanks much!  Just placed my order for 2 refurbed 430exiiirt and 1 El-5


How are you liking the EL-5?
Did you purchase the ST-E10 also?
Which Softbox and S-Clap are you using?
(( I have questions, *smile ))

Hi Jerone,

I have not had a chance to get all set up and shoot with my new setup, but I have been able to test the connectivity and that all seems to work.  The first time I played with it the ST-E10 lost connection a couple of times, but that has not happened since.  All three flashes work in concert, which is cool.  The access to the camera menu system for the EL5 and ST-10 is nice.  I’m not sure I was thrilled to pay the price for a backup battery for the EL-5, but that’s how it goes.




I have a couple of my father’s old soft boxes, but have not used them with the new flash.  What is an S-Clap?




I believe all bodys which have the MF Shoe have now received firmware support for the ST-E10 and EL-5 with the exception of the R5 C.  I don't expect to see support for this on my device until June or July. I also do not know if this will coincide with the EL-5's new release date.  I know that everybody's ready for it. 👍

I have a brand new 430 EXII non RT I've never used.  

Bay Area - CA

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