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Canon 430ex ii Distance Indicator Not Displaying


I received a Canon 430ex ii for Christmas and am still trying to learn flash photography with my t3i. I am 3/4 of the way through Bryan Petersons book Understanding Flash Photography, so I'm semi comfortable with shooting in manual with the flash in manual mode. My only issue is that I cannot figure out how to get my 430ex to give me a distance reading. I saw it once, but I don't know what/how I did it. I have switched the Custom Settings a few times trying to figure it out, but still no indicator reading. I used back button focus, so I switched that, but still nothing. It's not crucial, but it would be really nice to have so I don't have to guess at my aperature based on distance to subject. Is it possible that something is wrong with my flash? Any ideas or suggestions would be a great help!! Thank you!


Make sure that the flash head is level (at the 0 degree) position. I believe the 430ex II has the slight (5 degree) down from level position. With my 580ex II the distance reading does not work except when the flash head is in the level (forward) position.
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