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Powershotsx70 HS -flashing on light


I have a Powershot sx 70 that I use for wildlife quick shots and it has started having an issue with the on indicator light quickly flashing  and there is now a delay in  taking the shot. The LED screen goes black after I shoot and there is a few seconds delay until the picture is processing and displaying. The camera has not had these occurances until the last few days. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be? 


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It sounds like the camera is either processing the images you shot or taking longer to write to the memory card. Do you notice any difference when you shoot in the automatic mode or after clearing out the memory card data by formatting it?

Thanks for your suggestion. I checked both your suggestions and no, there is no difference it seems. Still flashing. on manual and auto. I put in a newly formatted SD card and same. I am now thinking it may be a battery problem. Will try a new battery and attempt to clean terminals maybe.

Sorry, micro card with adapter, both the new one and the old.

@GailC wrote:

Sorry, micro card with adapter, both the new one and the old.

Bingo.  You've hit the jackpot.  Only use full size SD cards.  Don't buy memory cards on Amazon or eBay, either.  There are a lot of counterfeit memory cards and camera batteries out there.  Go to a local Best Buy, or a camera store.

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What brand and model of SD card are you using? Is it a full size SD card or a Micro SD card with an adapter?