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600ex -rt won't autozoom to correct focal length.


I just purchased the 600ex-rt and on day one I'm having an issue of it not correctly autozooming to the correct focal length. I have it mounted directly to the hotshoe of my 5dMkII with a 24-70f2.8L. When the lens is at 24mm the flash zooms to 70mm. I have to depress the shutter halfway 2-3 times and twist the lens zoom ring in order to get this speedflite to zoom out to 24mm. Anyone else having this issue?  Just for a comparison, this does not happen with the old first gen 430ex. Kinda already disappointed given the $550 price tag. Honestly, the old 430 feels more durable.



I don't think I've ever had that kind of problem but I have had others and they were the result of me not pushing the flash all the way into the hot shoe. Make sure it's seated against the stops on both rails.

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Cicopo, thanks for the reply.  I thought the same thing at first. I reseated the flash a few times. I also used the Canon off camera shoe cord to see if it was an issue the flash mounting directly to the body. With the cord in place, the flash still zooms to 70mm when the lens is at 24mm.  Next I am going to see if this happens on all of my Canon zoom lenses or just this one.