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Zeiss lensinfo on Flickr and Lightroom not present with Canon R6, but present with Canon 6D


Hi all,

Ever since I got my Canon R6, Flickr won't display lensmaker information in case 3rd party lenses are attached. I see this:

while I see this on Flickr when the picture was taken with a Canon 6D:

Flickr only shows what is present in the file, so I checked Lightroom, and I see that in case of 3rd party lenses (in this case a 135 apo sonnar) that no lensmaker info is shown, only the focal length on the R6:

In case of a picture taken with the 6D, I do see the lensinformation with all my Zeiss lenses:

When I attach Canon lenses (16-35, 70-200, 100-400 etc) to the R6, it works fine:


So I don't think creating a ticket at Flickr makes sense, since it is already missing in the Lightroom library.

After that, I thought it was Adobe reading the wrong metadata fields from the camera, but I have been using LR for ages, and it doesn't matter which version of LR I use (of course I always keep it up to date), because I don't have this problem when using the 6D.

So the camera seems the only common denominator. I use firmware 1.4.0 on the R6 due to the AF-issues in later versions (hesitant to try 1.6.0). My guess is that Canon does not fill the proper metadata fields in-camera in case of 3rd party lenses. It works perfectly fine when a Canon lens is attached, so the camera does fill metadata fields.

At least the following 2 threads confirm what I have:

and both say it is a Canon bug....With the way Canon is keeping everything close to the chest nowadays, "forbidding" 3rd party lensmakers to use the RF-mount, I would not be surprised if Canon decided not to fill the lensmaker-details in the correct metadata fields in-camera in case the lens is non-Canon....But of course that is speculation...

Does anyone experience the same issue and maybe have a solution, or must the solution indeed come from Canon?


Seems the only thing that tells us that this is Carl Zeiss Apo-Sonnar T* 135mm f/2 ZE is the LensType nr. Exiv2 has a few lenses in the database at LensType nr 33. It seems like Canon didn't use nr 33 at all.

Skärmbild från 2022-11-25 16-04-35.png

Only one is 135mm, so it is easy for exiv2 to pick the right lens. I didn't need to use its configuration file.

As an explanation to the printscreen below, when using -pv instead of -pt exiv2 will show the LensType nr instead of the name in its database. "Ej tillgängligt" is in English "not available", so it has no meaning in this case.

Skärmbild från 2022-11-25 15-56-29.png

darktable uses exiv2 for lens identification.

Skärmbild från 2022-11-25 16-02-13.png

As for your original question, this is possible for Adobe to solve, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

I don't know why Adobe is able to pick the right lens for 6D.


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What is Exiv2 or Exiftool reporting?

Should be LensType with the nr 33 for your lens.

Carl Zeiss Apo-Sonnar T* 135mm f/2 ZE

Lens recognition is hard because of different tags. Even Canon lenses are hard to recognize. For example Canon EF 75-300. There are many versions but in Exif the only difference you will know is if it is USM or not. Good luck creating lens correction profiles for those lenses.

I don't need lens correction profiles: they are already in place in Lightroom. I was purely referring to the lensmake/lenstype not being present in Lightroom (and thus not in Flickr). I don't get the EXIFtoolGUI working, it shouts something about an error EXIFTOOL NOT FOUND, while I do have it installed...

ExiftoolGUI is using Exiftool. Without Exiftool, ExiftoolGUI will not work. I use Exiftool only without ExiftoolGUI, but if you want to use ExiftoolGUI together with Exiftool, you find howto here

Perhaps the easiest thing you can do is to upload some raw samples to a filehost and put the link here.

One raw file with R6+Zeiss, one with R6+Canon lens and one raw file with 6D +Zeiss.

Skärmbild från 2022-11-23 13-43-05.png

The print screen above is from R5 that I found at Flickr. Exif.Photo.LensModel only gives 135 mm, but there are other tags to use. Too bad the uploader or Flickr removed the other tags. You see all the lens tags below when the user or Flickr don't cripple Exif.

Sample of lens tags from R5Sample of lens tags from R5

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your input. I've been busy with work, but I will come back to your message!

But it seems I was looking in the right direction: different metadata fields/tags are used in case of zeiss lenses because Canon does not put it in the Exif.CanonC tags but in the Exif.Photo tags....


Before we get into this conversation, can you tell us what EF to RF adapter you are using? If its not Canon, that alone might be the cause. (longshot) but you never know.

Interesting topic, but I'm not surprised. Canon doesn't really have any reason to ensure compliance with 3rd party equipment, and as you pointed out, its works perfectly with Canon glass. There were recently a few topics on this with some voicing their dissatisfaction with Canon and "threatening" to abandon ship. (Not saying you are)

That's a personal choice. If they want to walk away from Canon's superior color science (my opinion there), they may do so. Canon designs a camera system. Body and lenses that work in symmetry. Do they want to sell you lenses too, sure. I have come to appreciate this now. RF is still in its infancy. People have already speculated that Canon might open up 3rd party lens inclusion to the R platform at some point, some day.. I guess we'll see.

I have used many 3rd party lenses with my older Canon gear and had fantastic results. I use DxO for my post and it supports Canon + 3rd party lenses. I have a Canon Control Ring. I haven't pumped anything into DPP recently to see what lens data it shows. Usually, it just states no optics module for this lens. Previously, DxO says hey this looks like a new lens, you want to download an optics module for it? At this point, The only lens I own that isn't supported is my 12mm Rokinon Fisheye and I can do my own lens optimizations for it when needed. I have a few Sigma lenses also, but all of these are supported in DxO. I have some commitments today, but tomorrow I'll put one on my R5 C and see what metadata it outputs.

I understand your reasoning for wanting to use your Zeiss equipment. Its what got me using Sigma with my last body. I wanted IS and the Canon equivalent didn't have it. Thats not the case today. I'm only using Canon gear. If the 100~500 worked below 300mm with a 1.4x TC, I'd be done lens wise. I am holding out until next June for Canon to make another RF super zoom in this range without the limitation. I'm hopeful, but we'll see. The Sigma 600c with adapter and TC is pretty unwieldy.

Maybe someone else can post their experience here also.

Bay Area - CA

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It is the original Canon EF-RF adapter, so no worries there. Lightroom does show lensinfo in case of Canon EF-lenses like EF 70-200 and EF 16-35 (using the adapter of course).

Actually, in 2018 I wanted to "abandon ship", but the EOS-R was a reminder for me to wait on a more mature version, which I found in the R6. But the lenses I would like to use are not in RF-mount (yet), and I'm not so sure they will be...So I am close to abandoning ship yet again...

I find the RF-L lenses a) too expensive and b) they don't provide the rendering I so much desire (Voigtlander and Zeiss do).


Two questions.

How is the Canon DPP4 app reporting your Zeiss lenses?

How are other third party brands being reported by DPP4 and your third party apps?

"The right mouse button is your friend."


Two questions.

How is the Canon DPP4 app reporting your Zeiss lenses?

How are other third party brands being reported by DPP4 and your third party apps?

A most excellent question Waddizzle. 👍

Bay Area - CA

~R5 C ( ~RF Trinity, ~RF 100 Macro, ~RF 100~400, ~RF 100~500, +RF 1.4x TC, +Canon Control Ring, BG-R10

~DxO PhotoLab Elite ~DaVinci Resolve ~Windows11 Pro ~ImageClass MF644Cdw ~Pixel 8 ~CarePaks Are Worth It

hi Waddizzle,

I have no other 3rd pary lenses, but a friend of mine uses adapted Sigma EF-mount lenses and has the same issues.

About DPP4, I never use it, but I have installed it, but I don't think it will help me as only Canon lenses show lens info. With Zeiss lenses, it only shows focal length. In DPP4 it even does not show Zeiss lensinfo with the 6D, while in Lightroom/Flickr it does show Zeiss lensinfo...


Left: 6D + Zeiss 135 apo sonnar (on Flickr and Lightroom show the correct lensinfo)
Middle: R6 + 135 apo sonnar
Right: R6 + EF-100-400 II