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Various Canon Cameras

Was cleaning around the house and my wife suggested I take a photo of our Canon cameras, lenses and accessories.Some date back to the 1950's.

Canon AM.jpg

Sigma 150-600c on a trip to the zoo

The zoo is a great place to test and practice with gear for going out into the wild.   On this occasion, as part of my general downsizing of gear, I was shooting with the Sigma 150-600c, using the Canon R6 via the Canon EF-RF adapter - specifically t...

_62_3196 LR copy.jpg _62_3203 copy.jpg _62_3205 copy.jpg _62_3299 LR copy.jpg


The Auckland Zoo has finally got a couple of tigers, but they are quite hard to photograph or even see because of their reclusive nature and the barriers put up around their enclosure - much is obscured by vegetation and that's where they tend to sta...

_DSR1368 M LR copy 3.jpg