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Show Your Most Difficult Picture You Have Yet Taken

I ran across a picture I took a while back.  This, by far, was the most difficult picture that I took...I was chasing after two western swallow tail butterflies involved in a courtship dance above an open grass field...I did it after almost tripping ...


RCMP Musical Ride

I had never seen the famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) musical ride and had not expected to do so until I got the word that they were doing a show in my local area of Victoria BC. To quote the RCMP website: "The RCMP Musical Ride is perform...

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Post up your eclipse pictures

I throughly enjoyed yesterdays experiance and part of my expericance was taking pictures with my camera and also with my camera mounted on my 8" Schmit-Cassigrain  telescope.  I had about a dozen family and neighbors in my driveway during the event a...

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Getting back into it

I haven't used my Rebel for a while now. Last year, did some night sky shots, but have lens issues so they came out so-so. Still have a lens issue, but today I didn't use that lens, but my telephoto for a Safari.  I have quite a few tht came out very...

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Not bad for a kit lens

I carry a camera pretty well everywhere I go.  I have a choice (just look at my gear list!) but when I am not specifically shooting I usually take a smaller body and lighter lens - these days that is the Canon 80D with the 18-135 IS STM. I am not oft...

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National Camera Day 2016

Today, is the day, national camera day 2016.  Today is the day to snap a photo of your everyday life and share it.  My everyday life is a lot of face time staring at traffic through my windshield.  Boring.  Here's a flower from my front yard.