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Snowmobile racing

Canon R6, 100-400 zoom.  Snowmobile racing on East Lake Okoboji.  January 2021.  Two days of racing

dpetrick by Apprentice
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Since I can't go to Africa to shoot in the wild right now, I went to the zoo with two camera setups to see how they would perform relative to one another.  I chose to focus (figuratively and literally) on Orangutans.1. The EOS 7D MkII, and the Sigma ...

7D2_3511 A LL.jpg 7D2_3535 A C.jpg R62_0557 A L.jpg R62_0570 A LL.jpg

K1 - Go Kart Adventure

This weekend we went Go-Karting for my brother in laws birthday. This was a challenging indoor shoot. I shot with my 6D2 and thought I would be OK with the following lenses: Sigma 24~70 f2.8 ArtRokinon 12mm f2.8 manual Not only was I wrong with the l...

IMG_1566_DxO_DxO.jpg IMG_1613_DxO_DxO.jpg IMG_1661_DxO_DxO.jpg IMG_1686_DxO_DxO.jpg

Panorama Portrait (135mm f/1.0?)

I was able to test some multi-row panos today.  Setup used single-row pano gear, but was able to do multi via the following: RRS tripod and ball head completely level (so can pan left-to-right).  Pano clamp on top the ball head (for rotation up/down)...

50mm.jpg 135mm.jpg 114MP.jpg
rs-eos by Elite
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"Listen" Spring 2019 in New Jersey (Short Film)

A montage of scenes in New Jersey shot March - May 2019.   Shot on Canon C300 MK II & DJI Mavic 2 Pro.  Filming locations: West End, Pier Village & North End, Long Branch. Deal & Asbury Park, NJ.  Music: Teen Daze - "Listen"

"Soul Mix" NY/NJ Skateparks Montage

 A mix of new and unused footage filmed at skateparks around New York & NJ-area.  Featuring: Wes Masco, Monte, Dan Lieber, Joe Brown, Jon Edwards, Billy Cusa, Liam McCabe, Matt & Andrew Kennelly. Footage recorded from 2012-2020 at Maloof, LES, House ...

"Into The Unknown" Best of 2018 Showreel

Select shots from projects filmed over the course of 2018.  Shot on Canon 5D MK IV, C100 MK II & DJI Mavic 2 Pro Music: White Flashes - "Into The Unknown" Portfolio:

iPhone 12 Pro vs 5D IV (Low Light)

I had heard some folks tout the iPhone 12 Pro for it's incredible night shots (a special mode that basically does a long exposure).  So decided to see just what it could do. I could have done a better job in framing.   But I did try to to match thing...

iPhone_RAW_20s.jpg 5D_IV_20s.jpg iPhone_RAW_30s.jpg 5D_IV_30s.jpg
rs-eos by Elite
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BIF - Great Blue Heron, Cormorant, Osprey

These were shot in Jacksonville, Fl. All using a 5D mark IV and EF 100-400L II with the Canon 1.4 extender. I particularly like the Great Blue Heron shot because of the way the sun is reflecting onto its wing from the water. Interesting effect. All w...

Great Blue Heron Double-crested Cormorants Double-crested Cormorants Osprey