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Interesting sky. It almost looks like something out of a fantasy poster.Steve Thomas

stevet1 by Rising Star
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Shooting with an EOS M5

My photographic group headed into Auckland's waterfront for a sundown photoshoot.   It's still winter here in NZ, but you wouldn't know it: the high was 20degC (70degF) and it was a stunning cloudless day with virtually no wind whatsoever.  I was tra...

IMG_0769 VLR copy.jpg IMG_0765 VLR copy.jpg

Backyard wildlife

My wife keeps her Canon SX530 HS in the kitchen and shoots through the window over the sink; need to clean the window for her. It's amazing what one can photograph and never go outside. I even made a separate folder for her photos. Here is one she to...


Go Figure...

So, I got a relatively new cell phone and on it was an exercise app that encourages me to go for daily walks.   Happy to oblige, I have turned an exercise session into an opportunity to take a camera, go out and be actively observant.  For me it's an...


Sky Tower

Auckland NZ's Sky Tower is the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere, but even so it can be difficult to shoot up close because of the mass of tall blocks erupting around it. After some judicious recon, I found this spot that not only affords a re...

Sky Tower LR copy.jpg

Splashing duck

I was at the right place at the right time. We have a greenway that parallels a creek running through part of town. I happened to be watching some ducks when this one decided she needed a bath. I was pleased with the results: Canon T7, f/6.3, 1/400, ...


Cooper's Hawk

These guys are fierce. At about the size of a crow, they can maneuver amongst branches and dart between trees at lightning speed to catch their favorite prey, other birds. He wasn't successful catching the Great Crested Flycatcher fledgling he was af...

Coopers Hawk-001a.JPG Coopers Hawk Close-1Sb.jpg Coopers Hawk Fly-1Sa.jpg Great Crested Flycatcher Fledg-02a.JPG

Blood Moon Progression over Pittsburgh

I didn't know if I could pull this off, but I wanted to try anyway.  I went to a spot where I knew I could line up downtown Pittsburgh with the Full Blood Moon eclipse in its entirety the other night.  I set the camera to capture a shot every 3 minut...

billkard by Contributor
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