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"Soul Mix" NY/NJ Skateparks Montage

 A mix of new and unused footage filmed at skateparks around New York & NJ-area.  Featuring: Wes Masco, Monte, Dan Lieber, Joe Brown, Jon Edwards, Billy Cusa, Liam McCabe, Matt & Andrew Kennelly. Footage recorded from 2012-2020 at Maloof, LES, House ...

"Into The Unknown" Best of 2018 Showreel

Select shots from projects filmed over the course of 2018.  Shot on Canon 5D MK IV, C100 MK II & DJI Mavic 2 Pro Music: White Flashes - "Into The Unknown" Portfolio:

iPhone 12 Pro vs 5D IV (Low Light)

I had heard some folks tout the iPhone 12 Pro for it's incredible night shots (a special mode that basically does a long exposure).  So decided to see just what it could do. I could have done a better job in framing.   But I did try to to match thing...

iPhone_RAW_20s.jpg 5D_IV_20s.jpg iPhone_RAW_30s.jpg 5D_IV_30s.jpg
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BIF - Great Blue Heron, Cormorant, Osprey

These were shot in Jacksonville, Fl. All using a 5D mark IV and EF 100-400L II with the Canon 1.4 extender. I particularly like the Great Blue Heron shot because of the way the sun is reflecting onto its wing from the water. Interesting effect. All w...

Great Blue Heron Double-crested Cormorants Double-crested Cormorants Osprey

Painted Buntings

These are interesting little birds and pretty skittish. No sudden movements, or they're gone, even from a distance  Painted Bunting, male. Painted Bunting, female. Newton

Painted Bunting male Painted Bunting female

My shots of the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction

Here are my shots of the conjunction. I tried with my 150-600 mm lens and 600mm + 1.4X TCFirst full size images to show what I cropped from Lens by itself: Lens + TC The best with the lens by itself You can barely see one of Jupiter's moons in the sh...

IMG_8186.jpeg IMG_8196.jpeg IMG_8183.jpeg IMG_8180.jpeg

Sweating it Out

Being in the southern hemisphere, our Christmas is dramatically warmer that that most of you will experience up north.  One of the results of this that the traditional Santa costume: thick beard, coat, boots, gloves and all,  is a tad warm for the ol...

Santa Heat VLR.jpg

Old Gear Challenge

Every now and then I challenge myself to delve into my personal museum of camera gear and go out to shoot to see if I still have the ability to make an image without depending on the new tech.  After all, at the time, these cameras and lenses rendere...

_MG_5361 AM.jpg IMG_0146 M.jpg IMG_0164 M.jpg IMG_0191 CM LR.jpg