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canon lide 210 scanner stopped working


scanner stopped working on my PC using Windows 11 (64 bit). 

I checked to reinstall but support page shows no Win 11 drivers available as 210 scanner has been retired. I tried the suggested workaround, deleting scanner, loading drivers for W10 by changing the Operating system. reinstalled scanner, rebooted PC and it worked, but only once, next time I tried to use the scan failed with error message ;'Cannot communicate with scanner' error code  2, 155, 86. The PC is communicating with the scanner as it pinged when I connected and I can hear the scanner bar repositioning when I reconnected it and each time I try to scan.

I don't quite understand how it was working for about 3 months on the PCa, then stopped and why it worked once when I reinstalled but then stopped.

any suggestions or is it time to upgrade to Lide 300 or 400




Thanks for letting us know what Canon product you've got. The CanoScan LiDE 210 is an older model which we have indeed retired. While that means that Canon USA no longer offers direct support for it, your friends here in the Canon Community are welcome to offer suggestions!

You can also speak with a Canon Upgrade Program specialist to help you score a modern replacement that would meet your current needs at a discount. You can reach them weekdays and Saturdays at 1-866-443-8002.

Hope this helps!

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