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Canoscan Lide 300 not working - new purchase Error


Hi, i recently purchased a new in box scanner from canon. The canoscan lide 300. So far I've tried it on 3 computers with no luck. I've tried it without the drivers, with the drivers, restarted many times, tried updating, and tried different USB cables without any luck. I've also tried the common things like reinstalling the software, and trying to install the driver alone, and trying to let windows install the driver. I've disabled the firewall and have disabled UAC so there is no issue with permissions. 

Nothing works, the scanner moves backward and forward, but when pressing any button or trying to scan this error comes up: Cannot communicate with scanner for these reasons, scanner is turned off, usb cable is disconnected.

please check and try again. scanner driver will be closed

Code:2, 156,33

The scanner does have power and is not disconnected and is powered on, but this error shows up on every computer. 

I haven't had any luck but the weird thing is the same error comes up on multiple computers. I've tried everything I can thing of but since my return windows was extremely short. my only option is to sell it on ebay if I cant get it working. I noticed they have a service number but it seems like they charge. I wouldn't mind but I feel like there should be some way to contact them if the item is broken from the factory. If anyone has any advice on what to do or how to fix please post. thank you!



If the return indow is still open return it.


If not give 1-800-OK-CANON a call and talk with them.

This is a user supported forum, so it is not wise to wait for a response here. It requires 1. someone with your product is on the forum and reads your posting and 2. that that person knows how to resolve your problem. 

Frequently getting into low probability zone.

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I have the same problem. I sent it first back because I thought it was faulty. Received a new and spent enormous of hours on 7 different computers. Windows 10 and 11 + Mac. Getting exactly same result as you describe. There must be some secret to get them working. However I haven't found out yet.  I have a Lide 210 that is working perfect on W10 and Mac. I got the Lide 300 to use on my 2 Windows 11 but this is not working on anything.



Some models come with a "lock" switch on the back of the scanner.  This is for shipping.  If applicable, be sure this is released or "unlocked".

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