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Canon LiDE 400 Scanner connects but doesn't scan


I recently got a new Canon 400 LiDE scanner. It did not come with a USB type A to USB type C cable, instead it came with a USB type A to mini USB cable, which does not fit the port. I am using my own USB A to C cable which I owned previously.

I am using a mac with macOS Monteray (version 12.7.4). I have installed the driver and performed the setup. I connected the scanner to the computer when prompted by the setup program, and it said the scanner had connected. When I connect the scanner to the computer, the scanner warms up (it makes some noise and the bar goes up and down). The switch on the underside of the scanner is in the 'unlocked' position.

I cannot scan using the program 'Canon IJ Scan Utility Lite' or by opening the scanner from 'Printers & Scanners' in System Preferences. Canon IJ Scan Utility Lite can find the scanner (it shows up as Canon LiDE 400) but when I select options like Photo, Document, etc, I get a message to wait, then the message goes away, and the scanner does not do anything. When I open the scanner in 'Printers & Scanners' from system preferences, the 'overview' option does not update the preview (I have a document under the cover positioned as directed by the website) and the 'scan' option doesn't do anything after selecting an area. The buttons also don't do anything.

I have seen in other posts that after warming up, the scanner bar is supposed to be positioned at the end of the scanner with the buttons, not the hinge. Mine is near the hinge, not the buttons, so I'm concerned about that too.

I've already uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, power cycled the computer, and tried several different usb A to C cables (all of which I know work, since I use them with other devices). Anything else to try?



I have this exact same problem. Please help!

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