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CanoScan LIDE 400 with MacOS - Settings to control scanner periodic status checks?


I have a CanoScan LIDE 400 connected to a MacBook Pro,   MacOS  Sonoma 14.5.   The scanner works just fine for scanning however, periodically the scanner seems to wake up on its own and briefly do either a self calibrate or power on status check, at least it briefly whirs and grinds like a short calibration or start up check.  It's kind of annoying that it does this periodically throughout the day and night as long as it is connected to the MacBook and the MacBook is on.  The only way I currently know of to quiet this scanner behavior is to unplug the scanner's USB connection and just plug it in when actually needed.   Is there another means to control this behavior?   I've no idea if the scanner is doing this on its own or if it's MacOS wanting to periodically check the scanner.  My Canon laser printer had a similar issue with calibration that I was able to change from its control panel.