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CanoScan 9000F - macOS Monterey 12.6.3 compatibility


I have a CanoScan 9000F scanner that is in perfect working order. Today, I tried to use its software on a relatively new MacBook Air and discovered that this scanner uses 32-bit technology (whatever that means) and will not work with the MacBook Air which has an operating system numbered 12.6.3. I got a message that referred me to "the maker," or something similar. Is there anything that can be done with the scanner to make it compatible with the MacBook Air I am referring to here?


Is VueScan by Hamrick Software a replacement software that will in effect getting this scanner up to date?

Yes. That is why I suggested it. Google their website and confirm for yourself. 

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

I will do that and thanks loads for the tip!!


Hope I'm not too late in telling you this but I was able to get CanoScan 9000F MkII drivers for iOS Monterey and Ventura from the Canon UK site.


Thanks for replying. It is too late in a way. I gave the scanner to someone who can use it with his equipment. A good outcome, I think. Thanks again for your trouble.