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CanoScan 8400F Windows 11 software availability


Hello - i have a Canon CanScan 8400F that is well over 10 years old but still works fine. the software/drivers from the original purchase was a CD that is long gone. and on my last computer i used Arcsoft photo studio - but even that appears to be no longer an option - or at least I'm unable to download it on this PC (Widows 11 OS) from a 3rd party site. what current software can i use that would be compatible with this device to acquire / scan 35mm film, slides, and hard copy photos? please be patient - im not super tech savvy 🙂 thanks in advance.



Hi, Cole1!

While our Forum Community members are welcome to chime in, your product has been retired.

When a product is retired, all official Canon support ends (no tech support from our team), and no new software or drivers will be developed. 

The CanoScan 8400F was retired back in 2011, so no software or drivers would have been made after that date. This means no Windows 10 (2015) or 11 drivers are available. The last software/driver update for this unit was back in 2011, which was Windows 7.

You can try the Windows 7 software/drivers, but we can't guarantee anything! 

All you'd need to do is go HERE and manually change the drop-down menu to Windows 7, and you'll see everything that's available. 



If you do that and it still doesn't work, the next option would be to consider contacting our Canon Upgrade Specialists at 1-866-443-8002, Monday through Saturday. They will go over upgrade options and your eligible discounts. 

Have a great day!