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CanoScan 8400F TWAIN data transfer error


NEW!    When I try to scan (CANON 8400F scanner) into my desktop (WindowsXP) I now get an error message (code 2,178,0) followed by the message "TWAIN data transfer error".  Can this be fixed?   sunnycroft


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello sunnycroft.


Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers may resolve this issue.  Please perform the following:


1.  Click Start and open the Control Panel.

2.  Open the Add or Remove Programs option.

3.  Uninstall the CanoScan 8400F and the Canon CanoScan Toolbox.

4.  Close all windows that are open.


Once this has been done, ensure that the scanner has been disconnected.  Then reinstall the unit be downloading the Drivers and CanoScan Toolbox from our website at the following link.


If these troubleshooting steps do not work, feel free to call us at 1-800-OKCANON.

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Thanks for the instructions.  All went well until I got to the download of ther new driver.  After I had said yes to the lic ence agreement, I got a tablet that said "Do you want to run  or save 8400Fvst10220a_xpen.exe?"  I clicked on save, instructed the download to be into program files, and then nothing further happened.  So I started again, sayng run this time, and, after a brief flurry of activity, it announced "download complete".  Then I got a tablet that said "Doyou want to runCanonIJscxanner.exe?"  So I clicked on run, but nothing happened before thge appearance of a third and last tablet that asked "Do you want to run SetupSG.exe?" So I said yes, and there reappeared the l.icense agreement again.  Thus, I had reached an endless loop.  Diagnostic through SEARCH showed that tghere is  a 10220a file in program files, but not with an .exe termination.  There are also several copies of a setup SG file, one dated May 13, which I erased.  I restarted the computer, but had the same experience.                  sunnycroft.



Additional troubleshooting will have to be done to narrow down the cause of your issue.  Please contact our support group using the link below for additional assistance.

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Thanks for the instructions.  Im did what you said, beginning with the uninstall of Canoscan8400F and Canoscan Toolbox.  (As I have done several times before).  This time, instead of reinstalling from the CD, I followed your instructions to get, presumably, an up-to-date driver.  After saying yes to the license agreement, I saw first a "Do mou want to run or save 8400Fvst10220a_xpen.exe?"  I clicked on save and was greeted with a tree of files.  I chose to put it in program files.  It then did no more.  So I starrted again, and clicked run this time.  After a brief flurry it said "download complete".  It next gave me "Do you want to run canonIJscanner driver/"  . So I said yes, and almost at once it said  "Do you want ro run setup SG.exe/" So I said yes, and after a brief flurry I was shown the license agreement. again.  So I was in an endless loop.  Examination of the files with SEARCH shosed that there is indeed a file 8400Fvst10220a.xpen (suffix may be wrong) in program files; in faA

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