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c500 mkii ethernet functions


I cannot for the life of me figure out the IP streaming and ethernet setup, i keep going through the menus and configuring the network but it wont work, i dont understand the reasoning, i am hard lined into the camera via ethernet cable and set up the ip streaming and browser remote yet i cant get the ip address to work and there is no guidance in the manual or anywhere online


does anyone know how to do this??


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi keyan17,


Thanks for checking in with us.


This is a YouTube video that might help. It is not an official Canon video, but it does include a visual guide to connecting to Browser Remote with our Cinema EOS cameras:


The steps should be comparable to setting up an ethernet connection. If problems persist, please elaborate on the settings you are using, the network you are using, and the operating system of the devic to which you are connecting.




I have not set this up with any of the EOS cinema line but I dealt with the issue with my 1DX series bodies which I always connect via ethernet.  The Canon instructions are NOT well written and if you are using Windows 10 it seems to create its own issues after updates but there is a work around to it.


If possible, go with an ethernet cable directly into your workstation which avoids the additional complication of dealing with a router.  That is what I do with my HP Z840 and Z820 workstations.  Once you do this, try using the automatic network configuration in the camera and then launch the Canon utility software on your computer.


The initial setup/configuration is very slow and will appear at times to be stuck but give it time (up to 5 minutes if I remember correctly).  It will grab a dynamic address as part of the setup and once it completes write down this address and enter it as a fixed IP address in the camera network setup.  This was 1/2 of the trick to getting it to work quickly and reliably with my Win 10 workstations because otherwise connection was very slow every time.  The other half of the trick is to set the Canon software to NOT launch automatically but instead you should launch it manually after you start network connect for subsequent uses.  After I went to this fixed IP setting and not launching software automatically, the problems that occurred after frequent Win 10 updates went away and the ethernet connection is a pleasure to use.


I often use three DSLR bodies at events (1DX, 1DX 2, and 1DX 3) and I transfer everything via ethernet.  Until I figured out the trick of setting a fixed IP address it was a pain every time but now it is a quick and sure connection.  And from the time I spent "googling" looking for a solution I figured out that apparently not many people use a direct ethernet connection because I found a lot of people asking questions but not finding solutions.


Good luck!



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