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C300 MK ii: Recording Modes, Color Space and S&F Recording


Canon's usability on S&F modes on the C300 MK ii is not as intuitive as most cameramen would enjoy but I am stuck figuring out one menu element that I hope other user/owners can help me with.


I most frequently shoot in Normal Recording Mode with Resolution/Color Sampling 2048x1080 RGB 444 12 bit as I want to ensure a full 2K delivery for clients with the best color depth and sampling rate available on the camera.


Similarly the best full frame option for Slow Motion shooting on the camera is at 60 fps, which is the setting I most regularly wish to access. 


My problem occurs when switching Recording Modes to access the Slow and Fast Motion settings. 


While switching to Slow & Fast Motion Crop mode on the camera, the C300 MKii automatically switches the Resolution/Color Sampling to 2048x1080 YCC422 10 bit and allows me to access the Special Recording Settings Menu > S&F Frame Rate> menu and to change the frame rate as high as 120 fps.


Attempting this same process while switching to Slow & Fast Motion (not Crop Mode) the C300 MKii remains in the same Resolution/Color Sampling mode limiting me to 30 fps in the Special Recording Settings Menu > S&F Frame Rate> menu. 


The user thus has to manually change the Recording Mode, the Resolution/Color Sampling and the Special Recording Settings Menu > S&F Frame Rate> Menu to get to the desired 60 FPS.


I understand it's because the S&F functions support the YCC Color Space and not RGB but I prefer to use RGB based on my experience with different camera platforms and post workflow.


I am confused as to why the camera switches automatically in the S&F Crop Mode but not in the S&F Motion mode.


It's a small niggle but one that costs time in the field and I haven't found a way to bypass. 


Any advice welcome








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