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Help Acquiring Canon BP-A30 Battery - Hawaii


I'm looking for assistance/recommendations on how to acquire a Canon BP-A30 or BP-A60 battery in Hawaii (Oahu). Since it's a Li-ion battery, you can't send only the battery via air. If I purchase an item that the battery comes with, for example a Canon C-300, then they can send it via air.

Complicating things is Canon's change to no longer sell or ship video batteries to local/reputable camera stores. Strangely Canon will provide camera batteries to the store I frequent but not video batteries.

I spoke to the Canon Consumer Imaging Group and they could not find a retailer on the islands. They agreed to follow up next week.

*Note* I am not interested in 3rd party batteries.




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You don't have many options:


Most sellers only ship to the lower 48.


I'd say try eBay, but you might get counterfeit items.


You can send by air, but it has to be cargo only plane.


You either find a seller who will ship to Hawaii, or have the battery shipped to someone on the mainland and they can ship to you.   

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