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XF605 - Variable Zoom Speed Inconsistent


We just bought the XF605 a few weeks ago and I noticed this the first day on the job.

When set to variable zoom, if the rocker is pressed and held all the way down (set to 16 in normal speed), it goes slow (slower than 16 speed, probably around 😎 for about 1/3 to half the zoom distances then jumps out of the gate like a race horse to the higher speed.

I'm a seasoned shooter and understand variable speed. It's almost like the lens is stuck for a bit. I also understand you can customize zoom speeds, but the fact that the rocker is held down at the same place, and it doesn't give me the same speed throughout the zoom boggles my mind, and is a major pain.

We shoot sports, and this is making it very hard to get a shot framed where it needs to be quickly, or follow fast action.

Any ideas if this is a manufacturing problem, a Canon problem in general, or if I'm missing some obvious setting?



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi bculbs,

There is one thing to check with an issue like this. If High Speed Zoom is On while the grip rocker is set to Variable it will cause the zoom speed to be different depending on if the camera is actively recording video or if it is in standby mode. If that is how you have the zoom set up the camera will use the high speed zoom while it is in standby mode and will use the variable zoom setting when the camera is actively recording video. That could cause the zoom speeds to seem inconsistent since it will change depending on if the camera is currently recording.