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XF605 Manual Mic Levels Very Sensitive



Any XF605 users out there that might be helpful with a manual mic level issue I am having. It feel like there is a very small window on the audio level dial, where it either peaks out or is very low volumes. Is there an adjustment in the menu that might open this dial window wider to have broader range on the dial? I am using Rode 2 Go Lavs.

Thank you


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,

I'm not aware of a manual adjustment to how the gain dials change however there are a couple things you can check depending on how the microphones are set up. If you have these attached to the XLR ports through an XLR adapter I'd recommend making sure the ports are set to MIC instead of MIC+48V. The MIC+48V setting will supply additional power to the mic and make it much more sensitive when the gain dial moves. Otherwise you will want to check the microphones to see if they have their own gain adjustment as well, since the higher up the gain dial on the mic will be the more dramatic each increase in the camera's gain adjustment will be.


I lowered the Rode 2Go base level to -12db and that appears to have helped. Thank you for your suggestions.

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