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XF205 out zooms automatically?


Hello everybody, I recently purchased the Canon XF205 and had some troubles during a shoot. When I was recording and zoom in to get a nice close up of a plant and hold it for somewhat 5 seconds, the camera slowly zooms out by itself. I though it was my hand pressing the button by accident or zoom ring... but no... One day it is working fine and the other day its doing weird... Is there a setting that I should turn off? Or how can I solve this problem? 

Thanks in advance and have a nice day!



I don't know whether or not this will help or if it is something you have already done but information on using the Zoom control is located on pages 74-79 of the Instruction Manual.

Thank you for your reply VideoGeek! I have tried to reproduce the 'zoom-out' and no luck. I have checked the firmware, played around with the camera, shake a bit and zoom-in zoom-out, turn off network/wifi settings and checked if I really did not touched the zoom buttons/ring by accident I have read the manual and it only explains how to use the zoom. I though there was a special function like a 'interval zoom out'  (zoom in for 30 sec and zoom out after 30 sec automatic) but there wasn't.


Forgot to mention that I bought two of these cameras and both have the problem. 

Hopefully another owner who knows the XF205 will be able to help you.  I don't own one so all I can do is research the issue online and speculate as to what might help instead of giving you anything you can use.  I hope you find a solution soon.


Thanks for trying to help me VideoGeek. 

I have contacted the shop where I bought the camera and they said it is a common problem... so I just returned the camera to the shop which goes to the factory. 

You're welcome.  I hope you get it back in great working condidtion and soon.

Hi there,


Could it be possible that I can have the name of your dealer. I'm based in the Netherlands and have the same problem 2 camera's.
In Holland they won't do a thing about it because there are not enough issues in the European database. I'm now trying to convince Canon Europe that overseas the problem is common and tCanon USA will take care of it.

Hope you can help.


The Netherlands

According to Canon it is a worldwide common problem. However, you should contact the shop where you bought them as they are partly responsible. PM for more information.

If Canon is saying this is a world-wide common problem ... should be a product recall.


We have exact same problem.   Canon charging us $450/ea for repairing 2 cameras.  We had to pay shipping both ways.  When I sent first camera back for repair didn't hear anything for over a month.  I called and they escalated the issue.   Got an email with cost estimate a week later.  If this is a world-wide problem with Canon cameras they should be repairing it for free!  We'll probably look at Sony for future camera purchases.