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R5 C, how do I change the display to show the current clip's recording time?


Fairly new to the R5 C, the time displayed in the upper right of the LCD seems to be some kind of cumulative recording time and does not start over at 0 each time I begin recording. The cumulative time could be useful in some cases but most of the time I'd like to know how long the current clip has been recording. I could not find anything in the settings or even the manual, how do I change this display to show me the current clip's time?



Sorry not to be much help, but I don't know any way to do this -- if anyone does, I'd love to hear it.  The operating system on the R5C is the cine OS, which is the same as used on the C70, which has the same problem.  This is in contrast to the R5's photo OS, which does show clip record time -- something I find really useful.

But just FYI, the "cumulative recording time" you're seeing is the timecode.  Timecode is used to uniquely identify every frame you shoot, which is essential for pros synchronising takes from multiple cameras and possibly sound recorders.  Personally, I don't find it terribly useful to have the timecode on screen, but since the R5C is a cine camera, that's what it does.

I found out that timer is was time code last night, which is quite useful! but so is having a running timer of the current clip. I did find how to reset that time code to 0, and you can change it between a running timer which runs at all times and (I don't remember the term) for one that only counts while recording. but resetting to 0 is a manual process. Very cool! but I'm still hoping a single clip timer exists. if anyone knows please post!


Timecode is an important "pro"  feature for the camera but you are right that you should have the option to see the current clip length on the display.  On slow motion and timelapse this would be even more important.  Hard to tell in timelapse mode how long the actual clip is unless you have that clip duration displayed.  Hopefully Canon will make this change in an upcoming firmware release.