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R5C Peripheral Border Display on HDMI even with HDMI OSD off


I am using an external HDMI monitor for larger monitoring and proxy recording.  Because of this, I have OSD turned off over HDMI (VF and LCD only).

By default, DISP Level 2 has Peripheral Border Display turned on — which, for the R5C LCD/VF, is nice to have.  However, when cycling through the DISP Levels, it also shrinks the OSD-less image on HDMI, messing up the proxy footage.

I searched all over for a setting that would limit Peripheral Border Display just to the LCD and VF, not to HDMI.  Given the camera’s granularity in configuring where Grids, Markers, Zebra Patterns, False Color, Waveform Monitors, Vector Scopes are displayed, I was sure there must be an LCD/VF/HDMI setting for Peripheral Border Display somewhere.  But I just couldn’t find it.

Ultimately, I turned off the Peripheral Border Display completely.  That worked around the issue, but it really would be nice to have it active on DISP Level 2 just for the LCD and VF for a tidier view.  Did I miss an obvious setting somewhere?



I don't know, but my feeling is that you're out of luck here.

Unlike all the other things you mention -- grids, markers, etc -- doing the border requires the video to be scaled.  Video scaling is extremely hard, and basically requires custom hardware.  Doing it differently for the LCD and for HDMI would require two signal paths with different scaling hardware, which I'm guessing the R5C doesn't have.  Really, there's no reason it would, and it already uses a lot of power.