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ProRes 422 or ProRes 422 HQ for the 1DC?


Has anyone done some testing to determine if there is any gain in using the ProRes 422 HQ codec for transcoding the 1DC 4K C-Log footage (over the ProRes 422)?



I have done some minimal testing. Most of the time I cannot tell a difference for the short conceptual / music video type web output work I am doing.


My expereince is that if I have a shoot where I had literally no light and tons of noise- eg a single lamp at night at 28k+ ISO and the image is falling apart- then when I go to HQ at high res- then compress to 720p or 1080p, the noise and grain appear a bit better than the lower quality codecs.


For nearly everything else I cannot tell a difference for my own purposes- but if theatrical / big screen projection are your goals as a final desitnation- it may very well be a different story and workflow. So please reach out to others who are working for that level.


Phillip Bloom has a nice post about how he handled some of this (before Premiere was better handling the 1DC) here-

go most of the way down when you read his post- it is a terrific and helpful about how he did the video as well as some basic workflow-

(in the question section  #20 from me is where I ask a newbie question about output - haha)

hope this helps!



If you want to import them into some edit software like FCP. then I suggest you ProRes 422. This will much faster to render and convert in your fcp. 

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