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Matching C300 MK III 4k output with Sony A7s III

Rising Star

In a past thread we'd discussed the fact that the 4k output from the C70 and C300 MKIII tends too be somewhat soft. 
Sharpening in an NLE such as Resolve goes a long way towards offering significant improvement.  That said, the other day, I had been in the less than admirable position of combining footage from my C300 MK III (EF 16-35mm F/4 IS) with that from a Sony A7sIII.  I do not know if Sony adds in-camera sharpening, but when comparing shots of a models hair, with both cameras from roughly the same position, with equivalent focal length and lighting, the footage from the Sony showed what had appeared to have been greater detail and sharpness.  Of course, the Sony has a FF sensor, as compared to that of Canon, but these were close up aquisitions from a distance of 3-4 feet.


I should note that my C300 was uing the default 709 profile, and I have yet to determine whether or not sharpening has been set in that profile, and plan to do so.


Has anyone else had a similar experience, and if so, had there been a solution?


Thank you advance,



Rising Star

In regards to the above post, I have checked the default 709 profile, and sharpening is set to "0".  While I normally do not like to use in-camera sharpening, increasing same to level "3", without any additional sharpening in Resolve, appears to have brought the images—C300 MK III and Sony A7s III—closer, in reference to perceived detail sharpness.  Of course, their color profiles differ some, but that is correctable in post. 


It should be noted, however, that increasing the C300's 709 profile's sharpening to "5" introduces a degree of noise.  I suspect that there will be times—depending up the subject matter—when I will turn in-camera sharpening back to "0", assuming that I am not using one of the Log profiles.

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