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Is my Vixia HF R500 mic broken?


2 years ago, before going to a concert, I purchased the R500. The audio was fine when recording the show, but last year the audio sounded weird, which you can hear at the beginning of this video.



You can hear a video from 2014 when I got it and it was fine.



I got a R600 last year and I don't want to use it without asking if the mic can get damaged at high volumes. I really don't want to shell out money for a R700. Please answer.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi RelentFX,

Thank you for posting.

It's not clear whether the microphones are damaged or not.


The microphones in your camcorder are designed for general purpose recording. The high pressure in a rock concert may cause distortion in recordings.

I'd take a look at two options.


The first is to manually set the Mic Level. Here's how:


The second option is to use an external microphone.  Your camcorder will accept just about any microphone with a 3.5mm stereo plug. Because of the wide variety of microphones, we don't have specific recommendation for a brand or model of microphone.


Microphones should meet the following specifications: 3.5 mm stereo minijack -57 dBV (with 600 Ohm microphone)/5 kilohms or more. Because this camcorder cannot provide "phantom" power for the microphone, an "active" microphone (requiring external power) must supply its own power.

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