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Dual 3G SDI Output on the C500


Hey everybody,


our university recently got a C500 paired with a KiPro Quad Recorder.

I was under the impression, that I need both 3G SDI Outputs on the C500 to capture 4k video (25p, as we're in germany) on the KiPro Quad, however the KiPro will accept 4k RAW as an input only when it's set to 1 3G SDI Input. When I connect both 3G SDI Outputs of the C500 to the first to SDI Inputs of the KiPro and set input on the KiPro to SDI 1-2 RAW, it won't record.


So basically I'm wondering when I would actually need both 3G SDI Outputs (except for feeding two recorders at the same time), let alone 4 Inputs on the KiPro Quad.


I hope someone can shed some light on this, I couldn't find any real answer anywhere.



Thanks in advance!



Really? No one has any idea why there are two outputs?

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With dual SDI you have greater recording capabilities, for instance one SDI is capable of recording 60fps but with two you should be able to record 120fps