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Canon R5 C Monitor Glitches, Netflix, and Overall Impressions


So far, the R5 C feels like a rushed product to me, especially when it comes to the firmware/software in the camera. When I'm shooting in video mode, sometimes my R5 C's monitor will spontaneously go black for a moment and then just pop back on. It's very strange. It does this when I press record sometimes. I've owned an original C300, a C200 and I currently own a C300 III and a C500 II. I've had every cinema EOS camera except a C300 II, and I've never seen the sort of erratic, inconsistent behavior I am currently seeing with the R5 C.

Additionally, the failure to achieve Netflix certification for this camera is very disappointing. How Canon managed to take a brand new cinema camera, with a brand new 8K sensor that shoots raw, and then fail the Netflix certification is beyond me. I feel like the R5C has so much potential, it just badly needs a solid firmware update to make it more reliable and unlock the restricted features Canon has implemented into the camera. 

I am guessing the R5C failed the Netflix certification because of their decision to withhold C-Log 2 from that camera. If this is the case, I applaud Netflix for this decision, because Canon is effectively reducing the dynamic range of their CINEMA badged, pro camera with their own firmware. I purchased the R5C to use as a B camera to my C300 III, and I really do not want to shoot in Clog3 on my C300 III and reduce the A camera's dynamic range, just to accommodate the B camera. It makes no sense to reduce the quality and functionality of your A camera because Canon is holding back Clog 2 on the R5C. Because of this, I have to explain to my editor why he has to use two different LUTs on what is supposed to be two, matching, Canon cinema cameras. 

Canon update the R5C's firmware and unleash it's potential!! 



I wonder whether the issue you were experiencing with the R5C's monitor going black is because the Viewfinder is set to engage when you hover over it, which automatically turns the R5C's monitor off? If so there is definitely a way to disable that feature in the menu.


That a good point.  I'm sure there is a setting for EVF proximity, although I don't use it myself.     I have not had the LCD on my device shut off unintentionally and have found the proximity sensor below the EVF to be very accurate sensing when my face is close to it.  I generally keep my LCD closed in photo mode, so this would only apply in CinemaOS.   

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