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Canon GL1 Service Manual? Tape Deck Stuck Open


I was told that I definitely need a service or repair manual of my camcorder before I take it apart. My main goal is to get the tape deck to close up. My father-in-law bought this camera new 20 years ago or so and for a long time the tape deck has been stuck up enough to keep the door from closing. No buttons on the camera make it move at all. I hear noises like things are moving but I can't get it to work.

I mostly just want to be able to close the door so that I can convert it to digital recording. Is there any digitized version of the repair manual online, or if someone has one? I found one on eBay but I don't necessarily want to spend the money. I will if it's the only way it'll be digitized online.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello EthanNichols,

We do not have a repair manual available to the public unfortunately. There may be something about the tape causing the issue. Let's try removing the tape and battery. Switch the camcorder to the ON position for a couple of minutes and the back OFF and try again. You may want to visually inspect the tape to make sure there isn't something with it causing the issue of closing the tape deck.

It’s been broken for quite a few years, it’s been powered on and off. I was able to get it to come completely out, but the tape door won’t pop open when it’s meant to. Do you know where the catch release is so I can hopefully pop it open?