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C70 with NANO-C98 battery issues.


Hi, I have two NANO-C98 for my Canon C70 and when I plug in accessories through the Smart Tap D Tap and the battery gets low and the battery cuts power to everything before the C70 reads it is to low and stops the recording and shuts down properly.


This causes a sudden power loss and corrupts the video files. If I do not plug any accessories in the DTAP and only run the Canon C70 the C70 sees its low and does a proper stop record and shut down. 
Anyone else having this issue with these batteries? I am powering a Atomos Ninja V Monitor and/or Teradek ACE500 transmitter. I added up the maximum wattage and it should be 30-40 watts per hour and B&h Photo says the NANO-C98 has 74 watts per hour. 
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