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C300 MkII - How to adjust the green/magenta balance?


Does anyone know how to adjust the color matrix on the C300 MkII easily? On the C100 it's fantastically simple using the white balance shift screen - you can move the joystick left/right to adjust the red/blue balance, or push the joystick up/down to adjust green/magenta balance. This is really useful. Is there a similar way to do this on the C300 MkII? There are white balance adjustment menus on the C300 MkII but they are very complex and seem to be more a case of increasing/decreasing various colours, rather than more simple balance adjustments.

Very often when filming I will enter the Kelvin setting that looks right in terms of red/blue, but often I want to tweak the green/magenta balance, but I can't find a way to do this easily on the C300 MkII. Any ideas welcome!




Did you ever figure this out Matt? I have the same question.


No, unfortunately I never did figure this out. It's so frustrating!!

Hello … So I went searching to try to solve the magenta cast issue with my C300mkii.  It’s absolutely there and it’s an issue especially when doing multi cam shoots.  When shooting alongside other Canon cams, like the C300 or the Xf605 I have,  the problem is starkly evident.  I’ve done resets / black balances over and over and the C300ii just has a bad magenta cast.  Canon should be stepping up to offer a fix.  

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello MattWilliams,

You can make these same sort of adjustments via the Custom Picture Settings on this camera model. I have attached a link to the user's manual HERE for your reference. This feature is detailed starting on page 139. You would want to look at the section on Other Settings. This will need to be enabled. There is a Color Matrix Tuning section (as well as White Balance and Color Correction) in Other Settings that I believe is what you are looking for. 

JOHN_Q,  I'm aware of the deep sub-menus relating to color on this camera. What we are discussing is why many C300II owners are seeing a consistent magenta cast in our footage compared to other canon cameras we own.  Fixing this in the sub menus is not how it's supposed to work.  The submenus are there for creative control and for help in certain instances where say a lighting source is creating a problem with color cast.