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C100 green channel shift


Hello, I've come across this issue with footage from both C100 models:


I know it seems slight, but a green shift is very noticable across a full frame of video. It looks like a shift sudden gamma shift in the green channel.


It happens when recorded as either AVCHD or MP4.


I've opened it in a numer of editing programs so it's not a rendering issue.


It doesn't have anything to do with lighting: one location had tungsten, the other LED. The attached sample is from mk ii.


Any ideas? Thank you!green shift sample.jpg


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi There,


What were your exposure settings? If the shutter speed is faster than typical its possible the camera is picking up more green from the light cycle of the LEDs. I feel like this might not be particularly likely but it would be a good variable to cancel out.


Also, does this happen specifically when the light source is different? Does this happen in sun and or shade?