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C100: Adjust ISO on the control grip?


Hello everyone! I've been using the C300 for a long time and just borrowed a C100 to see if I should buy one. I am happy with it in almost every aspect - there is one problem though which is crucial for me:


Is it really true that I cannot assign the wheel on the handle to adjust ISO and not aperture? That is so strange to me. I'm so happy which that feature on the C300 and I don't see why it's not possible on the C100. I mean it's a software thing, not a hardware thing.


I think it's very strange... I know that Canon recommends to set the black balance after adjusting ISO - but I don't think that could be an argument as to why it isn't possible to adjust the ISO on the control grip.


The C300 is too big for some of the things I do and I really love the size of the C100. But I can't buy one if isn't possible to change that setting.


Canon - can this be done somehow anyways since it's just a software thing? Can it be updated? This one particular thing is gonna be crucial as to whether I need to buy another brand of camera.


Thank you!