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Are others experiencing glitches both on the camera and on the recorded material with the C100mk2?


Hi everyone,


I was filming an interview today and came across artifacts in my image. I generally use peaking 2 to assist with checking focus, and I will spend most of the time in expanded focus so I can check their eyes etc. It seems whenever I'm in expanded focus, I would get this glitchy line appearing as red on the screen with peaking on.


No worries, at least it won't be on the recorded image... or at least I thought!




I tried exporting video and the same line appears. Does anyone have any suggestions? Time to get a service and/or sensor clean? It's only a few months old.


Many thanks,





Okay, so I've left this here for a while... any ideas?


If you can't see what I'm talking about, it's a vertical line just right of her mouth and nose.


Thanks! 🙂

H, Tom!

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Yuck! How often are you getting the glitches? Is it worse on footage with more motion? Any chance you've noticed it while using an external recorder?

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