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VIXIA HV20 PF24 Cinematic Mode & 3:2 Pulldown Removal


Good day to you,

I wanted to ask you if you have any idea how you recognize a tape shot in "PF24" mode or regular HDV (60i).

I have dozens of tapes here and I have no idea if they were recorded in the 24p mode or in 29.97fps (60i)...

I connect my HV20 to a PC via Firewire using the software "HDVSplit", which transfers all of my tapes in 29.97fps (interlaced) - no matter if footage was shot in 24p mode or regular HDV mode. I heard that a "pulldown removal" had to be done to get "true" 24p material. Software that offered such a pulldown was "Cineform Neo 3D" which isn't available anymore. How do people know which tapes were recorded in 24p and which were not? Which software should be used to get the 24p? I am pretty confused right now. 

I tested again: Record mode "PF24", "Cinematic mode: on", pressed Rec. Transferred the footage via  HDVSplit, got 29.97fps.