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Please Help Video Output Canon ZR10


Hello everyone, 

I'm trying to move video files to my pc using one of the USB RCA devices off Amazon. I had a ZR10 when recording the video back many years ago, how ever the eject decided to not work. I went and purchased a working device off of Ebay and for the life of me cannot figure out why I can't get the video to show up on my PC screen. I get audio which is horrible, but the video isn't showing at all. 

I do have both in perfect condition on the camcorder itself. Is there a button on the remote I have to press to get video to play out? Should I try the S-Video cable instead of RCA? 

Would appreciate any support. 



Had so much fun with these little cameras.  I think I had a ZR50. 

MIni DV to Firewire is the best method for audio/video transfer.  You have to have a desktop with a PCIe slot to use a firewire card.

This is a good one for about $18.  Fits full size or half-height slot and comes with the correct cable:


RCA or S-video to USB capture cards can work, but they are more hit or miss.  The firewire solution is a sure thing.  Solid and reliable.


If you're serious, I recommend firewire.

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