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imagePROGRAF TC-20: issues with Canon Heavyweight Matte Coated Paper Item No. 0849V342


Hi all,

I have a TC-20 (purchased November '23) and recently purchased a roll of CANON branded Heavyweight Matte Coated Paper (Item No. 0849V342). Which IIRC I read somewhere was the same as MOAB Lasal.

When installing the roll I set the printer settings to "HW Coated HG". But, unfortunately, when printing images containing greens and blues the greens are significantly faded to yellows and the blues are at least 50% darker than expected (think new blue jeans vs sky blue). 

The same image prints fine (albeit ~10% darker) when printed on a generic plastic coated canvas (like you might use for a banner) with the printer setting of "Syn. Paper". 

I do understand that paper, profiles, and adjustments made to an image may affect print output, but given I am not adjusting the image, I feel this is more an issue of (minimally) using the wrong paper profile with the CANON paper.

Normally I would acquire the correct ICC profile and use that in addition to any printer settings and image adjustments.

This leads to the following questions:

1. What is the correct printer Paper Type setting for this paper?

2. What is the correct ICC profile for CANON Heavyweight Matte Coated Paper?

3. Does CANON provide a settings+ICC profiles various papers for the TC-20?

I have about 8 tabs worth of community and support docs to read through but on first glance none seem to address the above.


Thank you,



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