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imagePROGRAF TC-20M Roll paper recommendations


I just received this printer and it says it can fit "up to" a 12"x24". I need roll paper. Does anyone have any suggestions of what paper to use? Doesn't matter gloss or matte, etc, I don't need it for anything special (home schoolers) but I need to know what kind of paper to purchase. Office Depot says the 24 x 150 rolls should work but I think that's way too big. Where is a good place to purchase the right size of paper? I can't find a way to get onto chat with anyone in Canon so I can't ask and I don't have an extended warranty (no need to have one).  Thanks!!



Your best bet is the variety of roll paper with 2" core from Canon. They have everything fine tuned for their papers. Also they seem to have the largest selection of rolls with a 2" core that are recognized by the printer for type and thickness (crucial). I tried some single sheets for testing from other companies, and found it difficult to match the specs. I believe Canon spends lots of time in development and specs to make the best quality prints. So far that holds true.