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imagePROGRAF PRO-300 says paper is wrong type or wrong size



I’m currently using Canon Professional Print & Layout (PPL) software, a Canon Pro-300 printer and A3+ Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta paper.  In accordance with Hahnemuhle’s instructions, I’ve been using a “Media Type” of “Baryta Photo Paper” within PPL and getting good results.  I have read that for optimal results it’s best to import a custom media profile.  I downloaded the relevant AM1X file from the Hahnemuhle website and installed it using Canon’s Media Configuration Tool.  All went smoothly and I now get an option of “HFA FineArt Baryta” as a “Media Type” within PPL.  However, when I send my photo to print I get an error message on the printer’s LCD screen that I’m either using the wrong size paper or the wrong paper.  If I re-select the Media Type as “Baryta Photo Paper” within PPL and re-send the print job, it works fine. 

I’ve also just noticed that if I send a print using A5 paper and a Media type of “Photo Paper Plus Semi Gloss” I am also getting this problem and the only way I can see around it is to choose “Print with the loaded paper” on the printer’s LCD screen.  These exact settings had been working just fine until I imported the AM1X file.  I'm using Windows 11.

Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening ?

Thanks for any help.

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